Dextro, LLC, Wins Bersin & Associates Award

Bersin & Associates recognized Dextro as a leader in human resources, learning, and talent by bestowing on the company its Learning Leader award in the category of Vendor Innovation in Learning and Talent Management: Business Solutions and Content. Specifically, Bersin & Associates highlighted Dextro’s work on a large scale training initiative sponsored by the Mexican government to foster economic development. Under the guidance of CEO Nadja Giuffrida, the company furnished long-term sustainability training for thousands of Mexican micro-enterprises. Dextro manages projects and furnishes consultative services for institutions in the public and private spheres. 

The Bersin & Associates Learning Leader program identifies and rewards best practices across the organizational spectrum. The firm utilizes selection criteria compiled from years of study in the talent management, human resources, and learning fields. As its fundamental criterion, the firm asks for proof of a positive impact on business from companies applying for its awards. Applicants must tie the required proof to some recently implemented initiative or program or to an improvement in a process.

Dextro Honored for Latin American Training and Education Initiatives

In the summer of 2012, Computerworld magazine recognized Dextro, LLC, at its Laureate Honors Awards ceremony, a celebration of leaders who employ technological solutions to effect positive societal change. Dextro was named a Computerworld Laureate for its large-scale training and education projects that have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people throughout Mexico. These initiatives created employment and increased sustainability and productivity for Mexican enterprises ranging in size from small to medium. 

Dextro chief executive officer Nadja Giuffrida declared that several projects had achieved their immediate goals of measurably improving social and market conditions inside an economic zone with myriad challenges but that more remained to be done. An information technology firm operating out of Lansdowne, Virginia, and Mexico City, Dextro partners with governments and industries based in Latin America. The company successfully leverages its cultural expertise and expansive network of contacts to implement private as well as public sector projects. 

On its website,, the company provides information about its unique services and its management team.

Nadja Giuffrida, CEO of Dextro: About the Computerworld Honors Program

Founded in 1999, Dextro exists to facilitate the economic development of communities across Latin America through specialized training and educational opportunities. In the 14 years since its founding, the company has affected social change in the areas of illiteracy and unemployment, receiving accolades such as 2012 Computerworld Honors Laureate recognition.

The Computerworld Honors program recognizes companies that use technology to drive social change. Criteria include developing a new technology, repurposing existing technology to meet a need, and solving or lessening a pressing social issue.

In addition, a company’s technology must fit into at least one of 10 awards categories. Those categories range from innovation and training/education—encompassing technology that creates or improves educational programs—to health, environment, and economic development. Another category, digital access, is defined as bringing Internet access to communities previously unable to draw from the vast well of digital information.

In 2012, Ms. Giuffrida’s company received Computerworld Laureate status in recognition of its Dextro Electronic Learning Platform, or DeLP, which provides over 500,000 people in Latin America with access to educational content such as business training. More information concerning the company can be found at

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Dextro, Thinkers, and

The CEO of Dextro, LLC, Nadja Giuffrida, has a long history of leading organizations. Today, she complements her work improving communities and lives in Latin America at Dextro by helming two nonprofit initiatives: Thinkers and

Unlike Dextro, which has performed most of its work in Latin America, Thinkers and focus on improving the circumstances of minority populations that are disadvantaged in the United States. Working in partnership with the U.S. government, spreads Hispanic success stories, offers a point of access for the Hispanic community into the U.S. federal government, and links to other resources across the Web.

While Dextro, which can be reached on the Internet at, remains operationally separate from Thinkers and, the company has reached out to help the organizations. It is currently subsidizing the price of a comprehensive American English learning platform through, and it provides the site with technical assistance as well.

Corporate Training at Dextro

During its 14 years providing skills training to businesses and communities in Latin America, Dextro, LLC, has developed a successful protocol for creating customized solutions for its corporate clients. In the past, the company has worked with Fortune 500 companies and brought business and language skills training to entrepreneurs in Latin America.

Corporate training from Dextro makes use of a hybrid approach that includes computer-based classes, on-site instruction, synchronous and asynchronous learning, and collaboration. The company possesses the largest Spanish-language training library in the world, which covers more than 8,000 subjects. Its content comes from well-known partners in the academic and private spheres and can provide Spanish or English training in dealing with federal governments, information technology, safety and transportation, manufacturing, media, and more.

Some of Dextro’s corporate training makes use of its electronic learning platform, DeLP, which presently serves over 500,000 people and has earned several awards. To learn more about Dextro and DeLP, the company’s CEO Nadja Giuffrida, and its corporate training services, visit

An Overview of Dextro’s Corporate Training Programs By Nadja Giuffrida

As part of its commitment to growth through high-quality education, Dextro offers a range of management and business training programs. These services, which are detailed online at, are customizable to the needs of diverse clients across the corporate world.

With offices in the United States and Mexico, Dextro has built training programs, available in both English and Spanish, to fit a variety of cultures. These programs empower corporate workforces to adapt to change and increase their productivity and efficiency. Dextro’s programs involve a blend of elements in response to each client’s needs, including synchronous and asynchronous approaches, on-site and electronic platforms, and collaborative learning experiences.

The content of Dextro’s corporate training can focus on any number of areas. These include IT skills, business skills, financial and legal compliance, and media and design, among many others. By teaming with Dextro, corporations can expand their human capital and position themselves for sustained growth.

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A firm believer in the value of education and training, Nadja Giuffrida serves as CEO of Dextro, LLC.